VARLO Sports Joins Initiative to Establish the Inaugural Girls’ Triathlon Team at Naugatuck High School

VARLO Sports Joins Initiative to Establish the Inaugural Girls’ Triathlon Team at Naugatuck High School

VARLO helps bridge the gap of high school girls and the sport of triathlon.

Naugatuck, CT, May 10, 2022/ PRNewswire/-- VARLO Sports is joining Naugatuck High School in its initiative to expand and bring awareness to the sport of triathlon by establishing its inaugural girls’ triathlon team.

Naugatuck students Ayana, Jayda, and Leticia officially launched the triathlon team in January 2022 and received enormous support from their school, track team, and hometown. Notably, the three students caught the attention of Sika Henry, the first African American female professional triathlete. After hearing of the students’ initiative via social media, Henry immediately offered her support and notified her apparel sponsor, VARLO Sports.

“As a brand, it’s essential that we do our part to help grow the sport of triathlon and provide pathways for newcomers and emerging athletes,” said Soj Jibowu, CEO and founder of VARLO Sports.

VARLO launched its mentorship program on April 12, 2022 between the students and its roster of professional women triathletes -- Lisa Becharas, Lara Gruden, and Sika Henry. The call featured plenty of laughter and comfort as VARLO’s athletes extended mentorship to the students and provided them with insight on their journeys to becoming professional female triathletes. The students also received guidance on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle and minimize the stress of daily life. “Tomorrow is another day,” advised Henry.

VARLO’s athletes provided insider knowledge on training strategies, building confidence, and equipment selection. Most importantly, they reminded the girls to hold on to the joy that originally sparked their interest in the sport. “Enjoy being in the season you are in and stay healthy, stay happy,” said Becharas.

When Ayana, Jayda, and Leticia expressed their concerns of being beginners on the race course, Gruden reassured them that “they may be faster than you because you are at a different part of your journey.”

The Naugatuck girls’ triathlon team will be racing in style in its inaugural season, wearing professional-level triathlon suits that VARLO has donated from its newly launched SOLARIS collection, inspired by Sika Henry. Leveraging the insights provided by VARLO’s athletes, the team will participate in its first sprint distance triathlon on June 18, 2022.

VARLO and Sika Henry also reached out to their network to introduce the team to Blueseventy Wetsuits and Saris, who will be providing additional equipment to support this initiative.


Founded in 2018, VARLO Sports designs and engineers premier performance apparel for cyclists, triathletes, and multisport athletes.  Through its products, VARLO seeks to inspire the will of all athletes to reach for and shatter their goals of tomorrow.

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