As a former Division 1 Track and Field athlete, the appreciation for products designed for sports performance has been well rooted in Soj Jibowu. Born abroad and migrating to the States at an early age, Soj spent most of his early years involved in athletics and outdoor physical activity. Growing up and identifying new paths have fostered “persistence and curiosity”, traits he holds as reminders to reach for what is possible.

It was in 2015 that Soj came across his first multi-sport race in Chicago Illinois. Captivated by the athleticism, endurance, and displayed work ethic of the participants, he decided to get involved as best possible. 60 races later, Soj found himself imbedded into the sport and cycling lifestyle in a way he never imagined. The love and appreciation for what athletics have brought into his life is real and something Soj has vowed to share to as many people as possible.


Navigating through life and conditioning the mind to pursue the goals of tomorrow have been synonymous in his journey. With a strong background in bio science and physical chemistry, his focus to detail is granular and fueled by passion. This same passion along with his love for athletics has been the drive to create Varlo, and aid all athletes to pursue the goals of tomorrow. Establishing a team of designers, textile engineers, and fellow athletes, Varlo’s aim is to provide best in class products by never sacrificing quality.

With garments built with Italian and Swiss fabrics, crafted with French techniques, Varlo has curated a modern take to redefine the language of performance.


Owners Jacob Brown (left), Soj Jibowu (middle), Ed Chang (right)


Exceptional Quality: The standard for greatness is not a static benchmark we wish to hold. We will always push the boundaries of innovation to deliver remarkable satisfaction.

Responsiveness: Our products are a reflection to our customers. Every opportunity to communicate and listen is an opportunity to provide the tools to achieve excellence.

We are they: Our customers are our teammates and part of the VARLO family. The integrity we hold for ourselves is reciprocated to each customer of Varlo.


Varlo is derived from the word Valor. It means to have courage in the face of the unknown. To empower bravery and strength in the mind towards unforeseen obstacles and challenges. The aim of Varlo is to lift the will of every athlete to pursue the goals of tomorrow.