#MindsetMonday with Jason West

#MindsetMonday with Jason West


We live in a world where we feel like we can be constantly connected to everyone and everything all the time. But in reality, we can only actually be in one place. I’ve found I get so much more out of everything I do when I eliminate distractions and stop thinking about anything else.

When I have a hard session on the trainer, I don’t watch anything, and I make sure my phone isn’t around. I totally immerse myself in what I’m doing, and I’ve found it’s super easy to find a flow state and have a massive session, and therefore accelerate my progress.

I get so much more fulfillment out of it when I totally focus on it, and I love it so much more. Whether it’s training or anything else in my life, simply being where I am has always made everything better.

- Jason West

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