Jason west

Meet Jason West - pro triathlete

Jason has been a professional triathlete since 2013. He grew up about an hour outside of Philadelphia. He attended university at Penn State and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology in 2015. He raced on the triathlon team there all four years and won the National championship his senior year. Upon graduating, he moved to Boulder, CO to pursue a career as a full-time triathlete. He has competed worldwide grabbing wins in his career from ITU draft-legal racing as well as both Olympic and 70.3 non-draft racing. He has goals of qualifying for the 2021 Olympics as well as competing for a 70.3 World title some day.


Current PTO World Ranking Points

2021 IM 70.3 Des Moines      85.81

2021 IM 70.3 Memphis         83.40

2021 IM 70.3 California        76.56

Average                                 81.92

2021 Highlights 

2021 70.3 Memphis-1st

2021 70.3 Des Moines- 1st

2021 NYC Tri- 1st

2021 70.3 Augusta- 2nd

Career Highlights

2019 70.3 Santa Cruz- 1st

2019 Pan American Games team member

7-time ITU race winner

2018 Escape Series Huntington Beach- 1st

2018 Escape from Alcatraz- 3rd

2019 St. Anthony’s Triathlon- 2nd

2017 Escape Series Philadelphia- 1st

2017 Escape Series Nations (DC)- 1st

2018 ITU Lausanne World Cup- 6th

2015 Collegiate National Champion