Jason West Wins St. Anthony's Triathlon

Jason West Wins St. Anthony's Triathlon

"This is one of the most special races on my race calendar," said West after finishing the event for the fifth time. "The community here is so amazing, I feel like a have a second family. To come here and finally get the win with all of them cheering for me is just a really special feeling. Hopefully it's the first of many."

West proved to be the cream of the competition, as he recorded the fastest splits across all three sections of the race to take the tape in style and prove beyond doubt that he is ready to test himself against the best in Ibiza.

Having split 6:43 for the first run alongside Marty Andrie, West quickly distanced himself from the rest of the field on the bike, throwing down a 54:44 bike split, as the Boulder native was the only athlete to break 55 minutes for the bike course.

Close to a minute clear from the rest of the field in T2, West had one hand on the win at the start of the second run, but still kept the pace hot to come home +2:10 clear of second place finisher and defending champion Matthew Sharpe, as Nicholas Quenet finished third.

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