Finding the Path | Lee Caparas

Finding the Path | Lee Caparas

It was 2011 and I just started running with my cousin and her fiancé doing 5ks.  I found peace and excitement running with friends and thought the race atmosphere was amazing.  I made many friends along the way who started getting into triathlons.  I was soon convinced and did my first sprint in 2012.   It took doing my first triathlon to catch the passion of the sport and I’ve been doing triathlons and road races ever since.

Fast forward, and my race experience has grown quite a bit.  I’ve completed 5 full distance Ironman races, a dozen 70.3 distance races and just this last month, completed the Delmo Sports "Crest Best Run Fest 5k."   Through the years, I have come to find just as much enjoyment in seeing teammates and friends racing and progressing through the journey and finding their path.   I know the effort, commitment, and sacrifice it takes to achieve goals in the sport and its rewarding to see great things being accomplished by those around you.

As I look back, I’m thankful for the first sprint I did in 2012.  The community has allowed me to meet so many incredible people.  This year will be my third year as a board member of the T3 Philly triathlon team based here in Philadelphia.  I also serve as a board member on the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and am now an ambassador for Varlo.

Triathlon and running are very much individual sports where the paths taken by other participants meet. Though your journey is your own, there are so many like-minded, supportive people in the sport that can motivate you and be there to help you achieve your goals!  I would encourage anyone to embark on this amazing journey and find their path towards the goals of tomorrow.

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