Challenging Yourself | Tom Rizzotte

Challenging Yourself | Tom Rizzotte

As a newer triathlete, I’ve been focused on getting more races under my belt. I love to be involved with anything that pushes me out of my comfort zone, which is what called me to begin my triathlon journey. I really enjoy the supportive community that comes with triathlon and the structure it provides that compliments my healthy lifestyle.

In the years leading up to this journey, I ran various 5ks and cycled to stay active. In 2018, a close friend asked me to race the Delmo Sports Atlantic City Sprint Triathlon with him.  Although I had limited training, I decided to welcome the opportunity.  I became acclimated with the sport understanding the variable distances and how each was scaled.  Though I had no clue what really to expect, I knew the sprint distance was a good entry, especially for someone who could barely swim.

The race was exhilarating!  Finding new limits to what my body was capable of gave me such a sense of accomplishment and I was instantly hooked.  I signed up for multiple sprint races to test myself more and improve my performance.

Due to Covid this year, I have had more time to focus on balancing my work schedule around training.  I schedule my workouts a week in advance as I know it’s the only way to really get better.  I’ve also had time this year to focus on my swim.   Like many triathletes, swimming is my biggest challenge of the three disciplines.  It has tested me the most and requires the most practice. It has been a worthwhile investment as I’ve gotten a lot better and have made improvements that I can’t wait to put to use in a race.

2021 looks bright and I’m positive for what the year will bring.  I will be racing my first Ironman 70.3, hosted by Delmo Sports in Atlantic City and I can barely wait!  My insight for individuals entering the sport is to compete with yourself and have fun. Starting new can be nerve wrecking and is completely normal.  Challenge yourself to start small and grow from there.  The feeling of accomplishment from a race is the ultimate reward.


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