Real stories from VARLO ambassadors

Vanessa Foerster: The Start Line


Written by Tamia Santiago “Who I was before multisport was…you know, this scraggly kid trying to find a place in the world,” said Vanessa Foerster, a Kona qualified triathlete. Vanessa was an average kid hopping from sport to sport every … Read More

Accountability and Discipline | Jill Chapman


My multisport journey started with a women’s’ indoor duathlon series, hosted by one of my local tri clubs. I had been running a fair bit at this point, but my cycling was minimal and recreational at best. I performed well … Read More

Persist and Commit | Cort Musolf


At the age of 44, I started my triathlon journey.  A friend of mine, who had done a few mud runs with me, reached out and asked me if I would be interested in doing a sprint triathlon.  I’m gamed … Read More

Endure and Grow | Courtney Waltimyer


If you would’ve known me over 5 years ago, I was a hardcore yogi, someone that just finished her 200-hour teacher training and was looking to submerge myself in that world. One break up later, I signed up for a … Read More

Challenging Yourself | Tom Rizzotte


  Challenging yourself by Tom Rizzotte As a newer triathlete, I’ve been focused on getting more races under my belt. I love to be involved with anything that pushes me out of my comfort zone, which is what called me to begin … Read More

Representation and Health | Eric Logan


Representation and Health by Eric Logan I started running in 2013 at the age of 41 as a means to lose weight and improve my health. Always looking for something different and a new challenge to take me out of … Read More

Focus and Discipline | Colleen Bartling


Focus and Discipline, by Colleen Bartling I have been an endurance athlete for most of my life with cross country running and nordic skiing being my initial sports of choice.  Having no exposure to triathlon growing up, I stumbled onto it … Read More

Finding the Path | Lee Caparas


Finding the Path, by Lee Caparas It was 2011 and I just started running with my cousin and her fiancé doing 5ks.  I found peace and excitement running with friends and thought the race atmosphere was amazing.  I made many friends along … Read More

Slow Twitch Fast Twitch | Tenchi So


My Journey to Triathlon, by Tenchi So I served in the Canadian Forces as an Infantry Officer for 9 years.  I joined the Army out of high school through the Canadian Army Reserves and my first unit was with the … Read More

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