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If you would’ve known me over 5 years ago, I was a hardcore yogi, someone that just finished her 200-hour teacher training and was looking to submerge myself in that world. One break up later, I signed up for a half marathon. I never thought running would snowball to what it had become today, but I can’t be more thankful for triathlon.

Staying motivated has been as much of a roller coaster in 2020. I would have great weeks building towards a race and then it would be postponed due to COVID restrictions. I would take a week to refocus and start building towards the next race. By mid-June, I was struggling to find my “Why”.  Ironman 70.3 Lubbock was postponed the day before I was supposed to fly out.  At that point, I threw in the towel with training and took a month off from structured workouts.

Time away from the sport is what I needed.  It helped me, but I also know my life is best when I have structure and a set schedule. I have a coach that I’ve been working with for almost two years and she has quickly figured out how I succeed and when I need a rest day. However, having a coach can help, having races on the schedule can help but finding your true motivation is what is the biggest game-changer. I was told by so many people to “give up”, be embarrassed about my times, that I’ll never be good at racing because I’m not petite like other triathletes. Defying the odds is what drives me, this is what gets me out of bed in the morning, or through a 16-mile run that I wanted to quit by mile 1. I want to prove to everyone that has ever doubted me that I can do this and more importantly, I want to prove to myself that with hard work and dedication you can be great at something.

Finding what drives you is the key to getting through those tough workouts. Triathlon isn’t meant to be easy.  Life isn’t easy, but the more you endure, the more you grow, and the stronger you become.  Embracing the suck and not giving up on yourself when things get hard is what makes you a champion.

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    Love you Courtney,…miss you too. You are awesome! Well done, my friend.

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